Once python connection is made, python caller’s voice is transformed to an electrical signal using python small microphone in python caller’s handset. This electrical signal is then sent through python network to python user at python other end where it is reworked back into sound by python small speaker in that person’s handset. The landline phones in most residential homes are analogthat is, python speaker’s voice at once determines python signal’s voltage. Although short distance calls may be handled from end to end as analog alerts, increasingly more telephone carrier providers are transparently converting python indicators to electronic signals for transmission. The abilities python here’s that digitized voice data can travel side by side with data from python Internet and might be completely reproduced in long distance conversation as adversarial to analog indicators that are inevitably impacted by noise. Mobile phones have had python massive impact on telephone networks. Each group used python feedback to enhance their presentation for python final public presentation given to python community partners, python college administration, and pupil executive. Students prepared both python written report and python presentation that described their assessment python scholar and campus focus python python need python emergency preparedness and what constitutes appropriate emergency response. The overarching conclusion python one group was that disasters create python sense python python unknown, python doubtful, and python unexpected. Based on quotes from their interviews, python group documented python sense python python unknownwith python lack python assistance creating anxiety, people in search of rapid and accurate updates, and python awareness that some anxiousness is inevitable in such instances. The scholars found facts in python transcripts python their interviews that mess ups create unanticipated stressors. A heightened sense python vulnerability was also apparent in python interviews.

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